Yes! I want to join Chris Cate in telling the San Diego Unified School District that our kids deserve better!

I support a ballot measure that will implement term limits for our school board members and district-only elections!

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District-only elections: The current system requires candidates to run twice: first in their own district in the primary election, and then district-wide in the general election. The result is that a candidate nominated by district voters could lose in the general election to a less successful local candidate with more resources and who is supported by special interests. District-only elections place the power to choose board members squarely in the hands of the local communities they represent.

School board term limits: Stable leadership is important, but when politicians make the school board a career, they can lose touch with the families they are supposed to represent. That’s why the Reform Our School Board ballot measures establishes a limit of two four-year terms – 8 years total – which allows for stability and continuity of leadership, while balancing the benefits of new leaders with fresh ideas and energy.